What is ALM polarion?

ALM polarion

Published on : 15 August 20222 min reading time

ALM polarion is a tool that helps developers manage the software development process. It provides a central repository for code, documentation, and other artifacts. It also offers project management features, such as task tracking and release management. ALM polarion is a web-based application that can be accessed from anywhere.

What is ALM software?

ALM software is a tool that helps organizations manage the software development process. It is designed to help with the management of requirements, development activities, and testing. ALM software can be used to track progress, manage changes, and ensure quality throughout the software development process. How to connect Siemens Polarion ALM with Confluence?

What is polarion PLM?

Polarion ALM is an application lifecycle management tool from Siemens PLM Software. It is designed to help organizations manage the complete lifecycle of their product development projects, from requirements gathering and management, through design and development, to testing and deployment. Polarion ALM provides a central repository for all project artifacts, as well as tools for collaboration, traceability, and reporting. It is available in both on-premise and cloud-based versions.

How do I use Polarion API?

Polarion API is a set of programming interfaces that allow access to the data and functionality of Polarion ALM from external applications. The API is based on the SOAP/WSDL standards and can be used from any programming language that can consume web services.

The Polarion API provides various methods for accessing and manipulating data in Polarion ALM, such as retrieving information about users, projects, and work items. The API can also be used to trigger workflows and to perform other actions, such as creating new work items or updating existing ones.

Documentation for the Polarion API is available online, and it includes detailed information about the methods that are available and how to use them. Polarion also provides a number of sample applications that demonstrate how to use the API.

The article discusses the ALM polarion, which is a tool that helps software developers manage their work. It provides an overview of the features of the tool and how it can help developers manage their projects.

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