Marketing techniques : online business using Google tools

Digital marketing

Digital marketing is the new and ever-increasing frontier for any new or existing business. Getting other people to view your websites/blogs via ads, referrals or other means is becoming an increasingly competitive arena as more tools are perfected for SEO, optimization and keyword rankings, etc. Here are a rundown of the Google tools that can help you become more visible in the digital marketing arena.

Understanding Traffic

The sales and/or subscription rates of any online business is heavily dependent on how many people are coming to visit your website/blog and how many people are leaving it in a given unit of time. Controlling both of these numbers is vital to a healthy online business. This is where Google Adwords comes in. Google Adwords, often called Google Ads is a standard advertising platform for almost any online businesses willing to boost their traffic. However, it is to be kept in mind that Google Ads is only a tool that requires your own active participation to build your brand. Features like Adwords Express, Google Ads Editor, Keyword Planner, and most importantly the PPC automation tool are also here to help with SEO. Click here for more about PPC automation.

Using Pay-per-click to Optimize Rankings

The pricing model that Adwords uses is a PPC or Pay-per-click model, which essentially entails that the advertisers pays the publisher when anyone clicks on an ad. The PPC model makes optimizing traffic to your website extremely easy and fluid. Google's own PPC pricing models are nowadays mostly handled by a PPC automation tool. A cost-efficient automation system is generally regarded the best option for maximizing the amount and quality of search engine marketing tasks that will otherwise be too time-consuming and cumbersome for a huge platform like Google. The PPC automation tool, of course, also a product of painstaking research about keywords, user-friendly keyword segmentation, creating an eye-catching ad copy, creating Quality Scores, etc. This ensures that form both PPC and SEO perspectives, PPC automation will help generate improved, compelling ads for your business that are compatible with a wider variety of browsers and screens.

The Added Benefits

There are several features integrated with Adwords that, combined, can guide you to fast success in finding an ever-audience for your online services, website or blog. The Google Analytics tool, for example, is designed to review online ad campaigns by providing detailed information on the amount of traffic to your site, the amount of repeat visitors as opposed to newer audiences, etc. Google Analytics can also ascertain the amount of time people spend on your website or blog before leaving, and which particular pages cause people to leave your site quicker than others. Thus, you can track down parts of your online business that might need modification. Controlling the flow of traffic away from your website is one of the most important ways of maintaining your online business presence. Analytics can also help you track down referring websites to see who is sending you traffic. Other integrated features like Google Trends, PageSpeed Insights, etc., will also help improve the speed of your website, narrow down the SEO keywords, create forms for subscriber/employee contact and address many other important issues so that you can keep your business growing steadily.

Positioning a Business in the Wider Market

Aside from Google Adwords, there are of course other Google tools that helps you improve in the department of digital marketing. Google WebMaster Tools, for example, can help you to check and correct crawl errors on your website. The ease-of-use of Google Drive, Google Docs and Hangouts will help you in storing your data and communicating with your clientele more efficiently.

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